Системная Информатика, № 5


Conceptual transition systems

A new formalism for description of ontologies of systems and their changes - conceptual transition systems - is presented. The basic definitions of the theory of conceptual transition systems are given. These systems were demonstrated to allow to specify both typical and new kinds of ontological elements constituting ontologies. The classification of ontological elements based on such systems is described.

Kinds and language of conceptual transition systems

The language CTSL of specification of conceptual transition systems which are a formalism for description of dynamic discrete systems on the basis of their conceptual structure is proposed. The basic kinds of conceptual transition systems are considered. The basic predefined elements and operations of the CTSL language are defined.

A.P. Ershov Novosibirsk Summer School of Young Programmers (21 July - 3 August 2014, Novosibirsk Akademgorodok - "White Stone")

The paper presents the materials of the Summer School of Young Programmers held in 2014. The School was started in 1976, on the initiative of Andrei Ershov, an outstanding advocate of programming and computer science development. During the years of its existence, the Summer School has varied the forms and methodical specifics of conducting classes. The number of participants differed from year to year as did the equipment and technology employed. Originally, classes were held for large groups of beginners and "advanced" schoolchildren; consultants from Novosibirsk Academgorodok were involved. The next step was workshops. It took 40 years to go from a few minutes of practice on the BESM- 6 to the many hours of programming on personal computers. However, the most important aspect of the project – the atmosphere of cooperation aimed at creating a sustainable commitment to self-education, assistance in vocational guidance based on practical experience, providing a glimpse of the chosen profession, a conscious choice of way of life, creativity, and socialization – has been carefully preserved. The participants of the Summer School of Young Programmers share not only their profession but also their way of thinking.