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The electronic peer-reviewed journal System Informatics was started 2013.

Its founder is the Federal State-Funded Academic Institution, A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The journal publishes papers on computer science, programming and information technologies.

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Paradigm approach to factorization of definitions of programming languages and systems

The article is devoted to the problem of factorization of languages definitions and programming systems. As the main factorization factor, semantic decomposition is chosen in the framework of programming paradigms analysis. This choice allows to distinguish developed typical components of programming systems. Typical components should be adapted to the design of various information systems. In addition, their existence makes it possible to formulate a training methodology for the development of information system components. The distance in the conceptual complexity between programming and development of programming systems is shown.

Approach to the Implementation of Content Patterns for the Development of Ontology of Scientific Subjects Domains

The paper presents an approach to the development and implementation of this kind of ontology design patterns as content patterns. Using content patterns for building ontologies of scientific subject domains allows us both to provide a uniform and consistent representation of all the entities of the ontology under development and to save human resources and avoid typical errors of ontological modeling.

Development of the parallel predicate program for solving leaner equations by the Gauss-Jordan method

In the predicate programming paradigm, development of the parallel predicate program for solving leaner equations by the Gauss-Jordan method is described. A predicate program is parallel by construction. Optimized transformations of the predicate program for solving leaner equations produce an effective imperative parallel program.

Deductive verification and optimization of the predicate program for string concatenation

Deductive verification is simplier and faster to perform for the predicate programs then for the analogous imperative program. For each C program, it is possible to construct an equivalent predicate program and optimize it so that resulting program coincides the source C program. This method is illustrated for the C library function strcat. The construction, deductive verification, and optimizing transformation of the predicate program strcat is described. New method of string coding via two pointers has been developed.

Reflex Language: a Practical Notation for Cyber-Physical Systems

This paper introduces a conceptual framework for complex control algorithms in form of hyperprocess model. To demonstrate the practical value of the model we describe grammar and translational semantics of a process-oriented language, known as Reflex or “C with processes”. Expressive properties of the presented notation are shown on an example control algorithm design for a hand dryer device. Finally, we give a short report about practical application of the language and results, which have been obtained during its usage.