Лексико-семантические шаблоны как инструмент декларативного описания языковых конструкций и лингвистического анализа текста

A lexico-semantic templates as a tool for declarative description language constructs linguistic text analysis

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The paper is devoted to problems of extraction of language constructs, including numerical and symbolic data which are significant for a given domain. The approach of a description of natural language constructs through lexico-semantic templates is presented and the language of templates construction on the base of language YAML is considered. The lexico-semantic template is a structural pattern of required language construction with a specified structure and lexico-semantic properties. In the case of successful matching of the template with a piece of text lexical object is formed to which formal (positional) and semantic (class and properties) characteristics are attributed. In the paper architecture of web-editor for development and testing of lexico-semantic templates is presented and establishing of two specialized dictionaries is described: 1) Dictionary of names of institutions, positions and it’s an abbreviation, 2) dictionary of numerical/temporal constructions. Designed technology supports lexico-semantic analysis of text on the base of templates and can be used independently for the task of information extraction from small pieces of text as well as part of other systems of information extraction. The proposed method is efficient for recognition of parametric constructions contain an estimate of parameter values (entities or events) in a domain.